geoDefense Swarm Released!

by panappticon on September 14, 2009

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geoDefense Swarm

Great news if you’re a Tower Defense junkie or if you just enjoy amazing games. geoDefense Swarm, the sequel to geoDefense, one of the most original, fun, and challenging tower defense games to ever grace the iPhone App Store, has just been released!

If there was ever a game to buy just on name alone, this is probably it. If you have some sort of deep hatred for Tower Defense games, then you might want to think twice, but probably should pick it up anyway since it incorporates puzzle aspects as well.

No longer confined to a set path, geoDefense Swarm features an open level design, meaning the creeps don’t simply follow a predetermined path. Expect a full review soon. But seriously, if you have any interest in Tower Defense games or just in great games in general, barring some sort of huge brain-fart on the part of the developer that might have caused them to make a horrible game based on one of the best games on the iPhone, this is a no-brainer for only $0.99.

geoDefense Swarm

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