geoDefense Swarm Review: Even Better than the Original!

by panappticon on September 15, 2009

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geoDefense was (and still is) one of, if not the best Tower Defense game available on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The gameplay, the graphics, the sounds–everything about it was awesome. I’ve played a ton of Tower Defense games from Warcraft 3 custom maps to Defense Grid and several for the iPhone as well and nothing got me hooked quite as much as geoDefense.

But now there’s an even better Tower Defense game out, and it’s the sequel to geoDefense, called geoDefense Swarm. Usually sequels are at best equivalent to, but unfortunately worse than the original. Then there are the key exceptions, and when the sequel is better than the original, it is something magical indeed (think The Dark Knight to Batman Begins).

geoDefense Swarm Menu Screen

geoDefense Swarm Menu Screen

Overall, geoDefense Swarm takes everything great about geoDefense, and makes it even better. No longer constrained to fixed paths, creeps can wander an open field to the exit point, the only thing guiding their path is your own serpentine tower placement.

Level 1 Tutorial Screen

Level 1 Tutorial Screen

This creates whole new avenues of gameplay for the already excellent geoDefense franchise. How about multiple creep entry and exit paths? The possibilities for genuinely exhilarating Tower Defense gameplay are quite astonishing.

If it seems like this review is gushing, do yourself a favor and buy geoDefense [App Store Link] or try geoDefense Lite for free [App Store Link]. Get hooked on its cool graphics and outstanding gameplay. Then while you’re playing it, imagine if it was even better. That sums up geoDefense Swarm in a nutshell–it’s geoDefense, but even better.

Level 1 with a maze of towers built

Level 1 with a maze of towers built

Full disclosure: I have not beaten the game or played through all the levels yet, I really like to take my time and really enjoy the levels. The longevity and replayability of the game is simply outstanding. OpenFeint is used to track achievements and global score leaderboards, further adding to the game’s longevity (as if 30 levels including levels with endless creeps in each difficulty setting wasn’t enough gameplay by itself).

Getting a bit more complicated...

Getting a bit more complicated...

The only possible reason you won’t like this game is if you completely detest anything and everything even remotely associated with Tower Defense games. And even if you do, you still will probably like geoDefense Swarm. This is an absolute must-own iPhone game and probably won’t be leaving my iPhone for a very very long time, if ever. At its introductory price of only $0.99, this is seriously one of the very best values in gaming anywhere.

Panappticon Verdict: 100/100Quite simply a perfect iPhone game. A must-own unless you absolutely hate Tower Defense games of any kind.

geoDefense Swarm

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