You Sunk My Battleship! Sea Battle Classic Wins on iPhone & iPod Touch…

by panappticon on September 9, 2009

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I was looking for a quick and simple Battleship-style game on the App Store and stumbled upon Sea Battle Classic [App Store Link]. For 99 cents [Update: The price has since been raised to $2.99] it pretty much does everything it can do really well.

The graphics are done in a nice and clean pencil and paper style that some may be turned off by (hey, if you need 3D-rendered battleships and explosions to play, that’s fine), but I personally love.

Setup your ships!

Setup your ships!

It should go without saying, but a game of Battleship isn’t exactly an in-depth and involving 10-hour long game. It’s a quick game you pick up to kill a few minutes here and there–and for that, Sea Battle Classic really delivers.

Sinking his ships!

Sinking his ships!

You can play vs the computer or vs a friend with an iPhone or iPod Touch near you via WiFi or Bluetooth. I have not personally tried these modes because, well, I don’t have any friends with the App who live near me, which brings us to the biggest way the developer can really improve the app–create an online matchmaking service so players can play via anyone regardless of geographic distance. Couple that with perhaps a cool stat tracking system to keep track of win % vs various opponents and overall, and overall popularity of this game could really skyrocket.

Playing vs the computer is good enough in 99% of cases though, and the hand-drawn style and cool artwork when you win or lose that gets displayed really shows that a lot of care went into making this game.

Winner! Cool artwork rewards you whether you win or lose.

Winner! Cool artwork rewards you whether you win or lose.

Overall, Sea Battle Classic for the iPhone and iPod Touch is definitely worth the 99 cent purchase price if you want to play the occasional game of Battleship. If you don’t, well, don’t buy it because it doesn’t bring anything new and exciting to the table which is perfectly fine because it does what it does do beautifully.

Updated Panappticon Verdict: 96/100A great game if you’re into some quick Battleship action. New online play mode makes this one of the best Battleship games on the App Store.

Click here to read the details of the 11/09/2009 update to this review.

Old/Original Panappticon Verdict: 89/100A great game if you’re into some quick Battleship action. An online matchmaking mode would send this one easily into perfection.

Sea Battle Classic

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