Orbital Review: Casual Gaming Perfection

by panappticon on October 30, 2009

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This review is going to be short and sweet: Buy Orbital. Just do it, and do it sooner than later, because it’s currently on sale for $0.99 instead of $2.99 (at the time of this review anyway–check out our Sales page to see if it’s currently on sale), but it’s easily worth way more than that for the amount of enjoyment you’ll get out of it.


I'm not sure Orbital could get any prettier.

What is Orbital? I admit, the first couple of times I started the game up and played it I thought it was boring, mainly because I didn’t read the instructions. Basically, there is a cannon on the bottom of the screen that continuously sweeps from side to side. You tap the screen to fire an orb which bounces off of whatever it touches and once it stops it expands until it hits either another orb or one of the edges of the screen. If it crosses back over the line on the bottom of the screen, it’s game over. You need to hit each expanded orb three times to destroy it and score a point. That’s it–and it’s amazingly fun and addicting.


Exploding orbs!

There are two game modes: Gravity Mode and Pure Mode. In gravity mode, the expanded orbs exert a gravitational field that alters the trajectory of a shot orb (the magnitude of the effect of gravity is obviously dependant on the size of the expanded orb). In Pure Mode there is (suprise) no gravity, and the shot orb simply travels in straight lines with no curving, clearly the more difficult.


It's full of stars! More and more expanded orbs...

That’s basically ‘it’, but it truly is addicting. Orbital is probably the ultimate ‘just one more game’ game, because each time you lose, you want to play more and more. I’ve been playing it pretty much daily for the past couple weeks and cannot see myself ever really getting bored of it, it’s just that fun.


Oops! If the shot orb crosses back over the line on the bottom of the screen it's game over and an explosion of orbs!

Graphics are wonderful (they have a definite geoDefense-style quality to them) and the music and sounds are great as well. Game controls and gameplay feel solid and the game never slows down (reviewed on an iPhone 3G S). There are online scoreboards and a two-player mode that I honestly haven’t played with so I cannot comment on it, but Orbital is a perfect one player experience.


If I were a numerologist I'd be freaking out right now. My all time (so far) high score? 33, earned on this game. The two biggest orbs, right next to each other on the bottom of the screen before I lose the game? 3 and...3. Hold me...

Overall I simply adore Orbital. It’s simple, fast, and insanely addictive. It never gets boring and is exceedingly pretty also. This is casual, simple gaming perfected and is a definite must-have for your iPhone or iPod Touch for when you want to kill a few minutes of time.

Panappticon Verdict: 100/100A must-own casual game that will leave you wanting to play it more and more. Beautiful graphics, great music, and amazingly simple but continuously fun gameplay combine in yet another perfect iPhone game.


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