WordWeaver Review: Fun, Unlike Actual Weaving (Sorry Weavers)

by panappticon on October 7, 2009

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What do you get when you cross Scrabble, Bookworm, and Aztec style? The answer would be WordWeaver [App Store Link]. The basic premise is to drag your finger to create words from the letters on the board, the longer the word is the more points you get–really similar to Bookworm. There are of course bonuses for using special bonus letters that add time to the clock and multiply your points for that word, in addition to the fact that letters have varying point values based on their ease or difficulty of being used (similar to Scrabble). What’s neat though, is that the letters are arranged on a latticework that you can manipulate to uncover other letters and bonuses which adds an exciting element to the game as you try to incorporate those letters to add more time and gain more bonus points.

Quick overview of how to play WordWeaver...

Quick overview of how to play WordWeaver...

Overall, Panappticon has been word game central for the last couple of weeks for some odd reason, and WordWeaver is compelling enough to not get kicked off my iPhone. The amount of polish in the game is outstanding–the graphics and animations are very nicely done and the sound effects and music are amazing and really set the tone for the game (being Aztec themed, the music really adds to the atmosphere of the game–similar to StoneLoops of Jurassica).

Special bonus letters let you get more points and more time added to the clock!

Special bonus letters let you get more points and more time added to the clock!

Overall gameplay is solid and fun unless you absolutely hate word games. If you really love Bookworm you will definitely want to check WordWeaver out for gameplay that’s similar but just different enough to not feel like you’re playing a knockoff. There’s a Lite version to try out to get your feet wet before deciding to take the plunge with the full version if you’re skeptical.

I know, I know, I need to get better at word games (never played much Scrabble as a kid...)

I know, I know, I need to get better at word games...

WordWeaver is OpenFeint enabled and there are global and friend leaderboards for the various game modes (4×4 and 5×5 letter grids in quick and career modes) so that helps add some competitiveness to the game for those who love to see themselves at the top of the scoreboards.

WordWeaver overall is a very good game that you can find yourself quickly sucked into even if you aren’t the best at it. This review is a bit short mainly because you either will enjoy the game or you won’t in most cases. Is it worth its $1.99 pricetag? Try out the Lite version for free and then decide. I’d say yes unless you have Bookworm and don’t want another game with a similar style of play–but even then, give WordWeaver Lite a try because you just might end up liking it more.

Panappticon Verdict: 91/100A highly polished and fun mix of word creation and arcade-puzzle action that’s really quite addictive. Definitely one to check out if you have any interest in word games at all.


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1 TexasTea October 8, 2009 at 5:58 am

WordWeaver is so much more fun that Bookworm! It offers so much more in terms of bonuses, strategy and puzzle play. When I shake it, the lattice moves and it sounds like a rattle. I’ve had 3 fire rings going at once on a board and they use gems and death omens to add that excitement that bookworm and quordy don’t have.

The full version is much better than the LITE and it’s been the top app for me for weeks now.
L O V E I T!


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