Doom Resurrection on SALE This Week

by panappticon on November 22, 2009

in Sales

DoomResurrectioniPhoneHere’s another big-name iPhone App on sale: Now’s your chance to get Doom Resurrection [App Store Link] for only $2.99 if you missed it the last time it was on sale a few months ago (regularly $6.99, 4/5 stars). It’s an on-raise FPS with awesome graphics, just be aware that you can’t roam freely like you can in the PC version. If you’re looking for a more classic FPS style game, you can always check out Doom Classic [App Store Link] which came out a few weeks ago and has been getting great user reviews (4.5/5 stars). It’s somewhat pricey at $6.99 though, and no telling when it will go on sale (hopefully soon though–some people think it’s overpriced and I would tend to agree especially now that Doom Resurrection is available for $2.99, hopefully Doom Classic will be too).

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