MiniSquadron on Sale for $0.99 and Other Sale Highlights

by panappticon on November 28, 2009

in Sales

MiniSquadroniPhoneIf there’s one iPhone game you shouldn’t miss during the Thanksgiving App Store sale madness, it’s MiniSquadron. This one has been garnering a ton of forum buzz, has a perfect 5/5 star average on the iTunes Store, and after Monopoly kept crashing on me I bought MiniSquadron and it truly is a blast. Expect a review forthcoming, but it probably doesn’t need one–just go pick it up now while it’s $2 off it’s normal price and only $0.99, you’ll be glad you did.

WordWeaveriPhoneAlso, WordWeaver is a game we reviewed and really liked a lot and it is also on sale for $0.99 right now so now’s the chance to pick it up if the $1.99 pricetag scared you away previously. While it won’t necessarily win over word game haters, it’s definitely one to add to your list of word games if you do like them.

CompareMeiPhoneAnother previously reviewed App that’s also on sale is CompareMe. It’s down to only $0.99 and at that price I can’t recommend it enough if you find yourself comparison shopping and need to be able to quickly tell which different sized packaging for a product is the best deal.

WarfareIncorporatediPhoneIf you’re into RTS games, you might want to skil Command & Conquer and check out Warfare Incorporated. It’s a Game of the Year Award winner and has dropped considerably in price to $0.99 (regularly $4.99) and is definitely worth picking up if you’re an RTS game fan.

Keep in mind that these are limited time sales and can and probably will end very shortly so it’s in your best interests to grab them now before they go back to their normal prices (and while that sounds like a cheesy sales pitch, it really is the truth! The most you’ll lose it $0.99 if for some reason they drop to free).

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