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by panappticon on November 7, 2009

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This week has been quite exciting on the new App front. First of all, Apple announced that there are officially over 100,000 Apps on the App Store, an impressive achievement. The pace of new Apps seems to be accelerating quite rapidly now, it wont be long before that number hits 200,000 then a million Apps. Unfortunately this does not bode well for those hoping for an end to Fart Apps ;) Anyways, on to the biggest new releases!

Doom Classic IconDoom Classic [App Store Link] is probably the biggest news of the week. id Software’s John Carmack had been hard at work on Doom Classic as a followup to Wolfenstein 3D Classic ($1.99, 4.5/5 stars) that came out a few months ago. Overall the game looks like a faithful port of the classic PC FPS from the early 90s. Priced at $6.99, it’s definitely worth a look if you loved it back in the day or if you’re into some retro FPS action. Early reviews and impressions are solidly positive, it has so far garnered a 4.5/5 star average on the App Store and mostly glowing reviews. The only complaints seem to be regarding a missing control scheme that was present in Wolfenstein 3D Classic which John Carmack has said will be coming in an update.

Eliminate Pro IconIn other FPS news, ngmoco’s free online multiplayer FPS Eliminate Pro [App Store Link] was also released on the US App Store, also to pretty positive initial praise. The game makes extensive use of DLC (downloadable content–pay more for perks and benefits in game to make yourself more powerful) which could be a good or a bad thing depending on your perspective. So far it seems like a fun and fast-paced game that is definitely worth a look considering it’s completely free if you avoid the DLC. App Store reviews are mixed with Eliminate Pro earning only 3/5 stars, mostly due to complaints about the DLC and how it seems like players are being nickeled and dimed to death to get a decent playing experience. I have not tried this one out yet, but there’s no reason not to give it a look since it’s free to download.

Asphalt 5 IconAnother relatively major release this week is the sequel to the 3D car racing game Asphalt 4: Elite Racing ($4.99, 3.5/5 stars), Asphalt 5 [App Store Link]. While I’m not personally a huge fan of car racing games on the iPhone, Asphalt 5 has been getting almost universally positive reviews, with a 4/5 rating on the App Store and most of the major review sites giving it 8/10 or 9/10 ratings. If you’re into car racing games it is definitely one to look in to and costs $6.99.

Command & Conquer Red AlertContinuing the blast from the PC gaming past, Command and Conquer: Red Alert [App Store Link] was also released this week. If you’re into RTS games you might want to check it out, however it appears that several people who bought the game are unable to get it to run properly due to it crashing. The average rating of the game on the App Store is a paltry 3/5 stars, so hopefully an update will come soon to fix the issues. Also to note, this also features DLC in the form of $1 for an additional 6 maps so you should be aware that to get the ‘complete’ game it will cost $10.99 instead of its listed price of $9.99.

Zombie Attack Second WaveZombie Attack! Second Wave [App Store Link] is another newly released game that is garnering a lot of positive press. The game is a sequel to (surprise surprise) Zombie Attack! ($1.99, 3.5/5 stars) and is worth a look if you’re into survival/tower-defense style games and carries a $3.99 price tag.

harborhavoc3dIf you’re into line drawing games like Flight Control ($0.99, 4/5 stars) and Harbor Master ($0.99, 3.5/5 stars), there’s a new game in town that adds a 3rd dimension to the genre–Harbor Havoc 3D [App Store Link]. It’s the same style of gameplay, except now you’re guiding ships to port, submarines to port, and landing helicopters as well. Early reviews and buzz has been largely positive and this is definitely one to check out if you’re into line drawing games. Harbor Havoc 3D costs $1.99.

The Settlers IconClassic PC game The Settlers [App Store Link] was also just released to so far positive reviews and a price of $4.99. It has a 4/5 star average on the App Store right now and forum buzz is generally pretty positive, although there are some complaints about a couple of missing game modes. Overall worth a look if you’re into a strategy/city building game.

JellyCar2Here’s one you’ve all been waiting for–JellyCar 2 [App Store Link] has been released today and costs just $0.99. Fans of the first will definitely want to pick this one up as it’s so far garnering exceedingly positive reviews (5/5 stars on the App Store already w/ over 100 ratings). I personally never got into JellyCar, but tons of people appear to love it so try out JellyCar for free then see if you want to get JellyCar 2.

Card Ace IconFrom the makers of Word Ace comes Card Ace [App Store Link]–instead of being Texas Hold ‘Em with Scrabble letters, it’s actual Texas Hold ‘Em! It’s completely free to try out so if you liked the interface and gameplay of Word Ace it’s definitely worth a look if you’re into Texas Hold ‘Em Poker.

So overall it’s been quite an active week of big new releases (and of course, a ton of smaller ones). Leave a comment with your thoughts about any of them you’d like to see reviewed here on Panappticon!

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1 Michael Murdock November 7, 2009 at 4:36 pm

DOOM is overpriced. Should be lower since it’s a retro game. In fact any game that many years old should be in the .99 range. $7 because they had to pay a programmer to shift some code around to make it work on the iphone (which is more powerful itself than the platform that originally ran the code) is ludicruous.



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