Review Update: Bloons Tower Defense

by panappticon on November 7, 2009

in Updates

Bloons Tower Defense IconOne of my complaints (perhaps my only real complaint) about Bloons Tower Defense [App Store Link] in our review was that it was extremely difficult to select the road spikes in the heat of battle (road spikes are one-level only use, and the only time you really need them is when something is going wrong–and you need them immediately). Previously, the glue instead of the road spikes would be selected about 9.5 times out 0f 10.

The other day, however, an update was released for Bloons Tower Defense that fixed this issue, and makes placing multiple road spikes relatively easy. While the solution isn’t exactly the one I suggested in the review, it’s pretty similar and more than good enough for me to consider the complaint resolved.

Additionally, one area I mentioned that could be cool but not really necessary was to add online leaderboards. Well, OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements have been added in the update as well, further rounding out an already amazing game.

The Panappticon Verdict therefore has been changed from 99/100 to 100/100. If you enjoy Tower Defense games even a little bit, you really owe it to yourself to pick up Bloons Tower Defense, as it’s simply an amazingly fun and addicting Tower Defense game in an already crowded genre and the latest update just makes it that much better.

Read our review of Bloons Tower Defense now to check out just why the game is so good.

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