Santa’s Run Review: Like Paper Toss for Santa

by panappticon on December 21, 2009

in Game Reviews

Santa’s Run [App Store Link] is basically a game similar to Paper Toss, except you play as Santa trying to get presents to people’s houses instead of throwing paper into a garbage can. Overall the mechanics are a bit different–instead of just flicking and releasing like in Paper Toss, you simply drag the present to one of three concentric rings to indicate which building you are going for and adjust for left/right position taking into account the wind speed and then release to see if you make it.

Like Paper Toss, except chimneys and doors instead of garbage cans!

Overall I prefer Paper Toss’ mechanics more and that game is overall better than Santa’s Run. And is free. While Santa’s Run costs $0.99. This game is a lighthearted game to get you in the mood for Christmas, and for that it does a pretty decent job. As an actual game that’s not free like Paper Toss, I’m not sure I can really recommend it–it’s really shallow gameplay that just gets boring after a couple minutes and there’s nothing really appealing to me to keep me coming back–and that’s now, before Christmas is even over. After Christmas is over I doubt I’d ever fire up the game again.

Different colored rings specify which level of distance you want, you just have to aim left or right taking wind speed into account.

I started taking into account value in our previous review of Earth Dragon and I’ll continue that here–if you need to pay for a game to get yourself into the mood for the holidays, check out Doodle Jump (a game that since we reviewed it and mentioned that it should be on every iPhone seems to have landed itself on many of them–selling over a million copies now) with its snowy holiday theme with Santa Sleighs and Reindeer Monsters and snowball shooting.

The entire game is traveling around the world deliveriny gifts--there are more buildings to get presents to the deeper you get into the game as well. But it's the same basic gameplay mechanic that unfortunately just gets boring very fast.

If Santa’s Run were free I’d say give it a shot for getting into the Christmas spirit, but overall it’s a reasonably boring game that’s just missing ‘something’ that would make me want to keep coming back to it.

Panappticon Verdict: 68/100 — A holiday themed Paper Toss-type game that’s less fun than the free Paper Toss yet costs $0.99. You do the math.

Santa's Run

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