uBoot Review: Das Boot on Your iPhone…

by panappticon on December 6, 2009

in Game Reviews

…ok not really. But still, uBoot [App Store Link] for the iPhone is a simple, fun game with a soundtrack that will remain forever burned into your brain on permanent loop (whether that’s a good or a bad thing depends solely on your perspective!). There are 3 different gameplay modes–Sailor, Captain, and Seawolf. Each mode grants more and more flexibility in terms of your offensive and locomotive capabilities.

Undersea adventures await in uBoot

Undersea adventures await in uBoot

At its core, uBoot is simply a ‘travel through this tunnel and don’t hit or get hit by anything’ game–somewhat similar to Jetman Jack, Boost, and probably 100 others. In uBoot, you pilot a submarine through the depths, avoiding jellyfish, mines, and other enemies as you make your way to the end of a level. Each mode has 30 levels to play through and there are various power-ups to collect along the way to increase your score, shield you from enemies, make you go faster, and more.

Seawolf mode lets you control your speed and attack with torpedoes and mines.

Seawolf mode lets you control your speed and attack with torpedoes and mines.

Overall uBoot is a simple, fun, and pretty looking game. The soundtrack is one of those that will either have you irritated within a minute or whistling it non-stop for the rest of the day–so beware on that front! The controls are pretty good: you simply tilt your phone to control the upward or downward trajectory of your submarine through the hallway. If I had to complain here, it’s that sometimes the bounding box of the sub and the enemies are a bit more coarse than I would expect and collisions sometimes happen when you think you avoided the enemy. Animations of the explosions could also be a bit better as well, but they aren’t too bad.

Direct hit!

Direct hit!

In the end, uBoot is a simple casual friendly game that you can pick up and play whenever you have a spare couple of minutes. There is nothing earth shattering in terms of gameplay or depth here (pun intended)–there is a free version to try if $0.99 is too much for you to spend on what may be a game you only play a few times. I’m going to be pretty honest here and say that there are several casual games I’d pick up and play again before I play uBoot, but that’s just personal preference and not a knock on the game itself.

Panappticon Verdict: 84/100A simple ‘avoid the monsters and walls as you travel down a hallway in a vehicle’ game with pretty graphics, average animations, and good controls. Three play modes keep things fresh and while not an earth shatteringly deep game (compared to others in its price range), it’s definitely a casual game to check out if its theme floats your boat.


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