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To put it simply: We love the iPhone platform and all the amazing Apps and Games that you developers release on a daily basis. Without your hard work and dedication, the iPhone/iPod Touch would simply be nothing more than a pretty phone and media player.

We also know how hard it is to get the word out for your new App or Game–you’ve toiled for weeks or months, but are you going to get amply rewarded for all your hard work? That’s where we come in.

If you are a developer or PR person and would like us to review your App and/or Game, please and we will review your App or Game here on Panappticon for our readers.

If you would like us to hold a promo code giveaway for your App or Game for our readers, please contact us beforehand at and we can discuss the details. We will only conduct giveaways for Apps or Games we review that score a 75/100 or better–we’re deeply committed to showcasing outstanding Apps and Games only.

Please note: We can be extremely picky and have particular taste; however we do keep an open mind when reviewing Apps and Games. We may be unqualified to review or be uninterested in your particular App or Game, however we will still do our best to evaluate it based on its own merits. That said, Panappticon’s goal is to sift through the 50,000+ Apps & Games to find the truly outstanding ones to recommend to our readers. We do NOT accept any bribes or offers to improve your rating for money. The closest you can come to ethically bribing us is with a promo code, which will result in your App or Game getting reviewed a bit faster simply due to the fact that it’s free and we don’t have to buy it ourselves (hey, we’re honest). We tend to only buy Apps & Games we are interested in or that are already getting positive buzz and reviews on other sites & forums already, so the best way to expedite a review is simply to send us a promo code to

If you’d like to advertise on Panappticon, please email us at:

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